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Lactacyd®. Your intimacy deserves to be protected. Every day.  

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FAQ about Lactacyd®

How is Lactacyd different from so many of the feminine washes out there?

What’s special about all Lactacyd products is that it can protect you from itching, irritation and odor. You can always keep yourself clean and fresh, and at the same time be worry-free about your vagina’s health. Every product in the Lactacyd feminine hygiene line has undergone a series of clinical tests to ensure safety against possible irritation. More importantly, mild and natural ingredients have been used in making Lactacyd products which are lactoserum and lactic acid. This gives each user an assurance that she’s only getting the favorable treatment her most intimate area deserves. To add to its value as a quality feminine wash, Lactacyd is recommended by doctors when it comes to feminine hygiene. It is also one of the trusted brands in personal care.


Can I use Lactacyd feminine wash to cure a vaginal infection?

Lactacyd feminine wash will not cure an infection. Test results show that these feminine hygiene products can simply reinforce the effects of regular medications recommended by healthcare providers, like topical creams, suppositories, and pills. Using Lactacyd products along with the prescribed medications, however, have proven to aid cure and recurrence of the infection.



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