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FAQ on feminine wash and wipes

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How do I choose the best feminine wash out there?

Easy. Find one that: is doctor prescribed, has natural ingredients (such as lactoserum and lactic acid), and is not strong-scented. Doctors usually encourage women to strictly follow these guidelines in buying and using a feminine wash because doing so guarantees your vagina’s safety, your money’s worth, and your personal satisfaction.
Try Lactacyd feminine wash. It’s made especially for every woman’s intimate needs.


How should feminine wash be used? Can I use it on a daily basis?

Put a small amount on your hand and apply it on your external vaginal area during a shower, a bath, or in-between time. Afterwards, you should rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry as usual. You can also use a small sponge or a flannel (a washcloth) in applying the feminine wash for more hygienic purposes. As for using a feminine wash on a daily basis, the answer is, go ahead! But make sure that your feminine wash is very gentle and has natural ingredients to make you safe from vaginal pH upset which causes infections.
Lactacyd feminine wash was made for everyday use. So use it as often as you want to keep you fresh and protected.


I’ve been using liquid soap and soap bars for years to wash my vagina with, and I haven’t had any trouble yet. Do I really need to use feminine wash?

You’re lucky you haven’t had any problems yet using those harsh substances for your vagina. Or probably, you’re just not showing symptoms of bacterial infection even if you really have it! Remember, studies have proven that almost 50% of women are asymptomatic when it comes to bacterial vaginosis (BV) Soaps in any form (liquid or bars) usually contain high pH values that are very far from the vagina’s own natural environment. Products like these will only damage the vagina’s natural acidic layer which serves as its protection from bad bacteria.

Frequent use of irritant chemicals like soap will gradually destroy the vagina’s sensitive environment, so only the gentlest kind of cleansing is needed. Do not ever put your vaginal health at risk. Use only the right feminine wash everyday.


What is Lactoserum?

Lactoserum is a natural ingredient refined from milk. It is used to stabilize and maintain the vulva’s protective environment.


What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is also called “milk” acid. This water soluble liquid is also present in the vulva skin and inside the vagina keeping it’s natural environment at its perfect balance. Through this, the good and bad bacteria present in the vagina are each kept at their right levels or production making the intimate area safe from all kinds of infection. Lactic acid is produced by the good bacteria lactobacilli, whose growth is in turn also facilitated by lactic acid.


What are Lactobacilli?

Lactobacilli are a kind of good bacteria which produces lactic acid that keeps the vagina safe from germ invasion. The lactic acid produced by lactobacilli creates an acidic environment to guard the vagina from an overgrowth of harmful bacteria which leads to different infections. The greater the number of lactobacilli, the more stable the natural acidic environment is for the vagina. Take a look at an illustration of the vagina’s natural self-defense cycle to have a better idea of how it really works.