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FAQ on pregnancy

If I’m pregnant and I get a vaginal infection, should I worry about my baby too?

Most vaginal infections do not hurt the baby. Yeast infections during pregnancy do not normally travel up into the uterus to harm the baby in any way. The concerns have been mainly about the discomfort of the mother due to itching, and soreness. For quite a while, OB practitioners (doctors who specialize in pregnancy) were fairly relaxed about the infection bacterial vaginosis (BV). But recent research has shown that BV increases the chances of pre-mature birth or miscarriages.

Pregnant women are ten times more prone to get vaginal infections than normal women. At this time, high levels of pregnancy hormones are present, which tremendously disrupts the normal vaginal environment, making room for growth of bad bacteria. So if you’re “expecting”, regularly visit your doctor for prevention or immediate cure of any vaginal infection.


What if I’m pregnant and I have a vaginal infection (which is common for most pregnant women), is it safe to take oral and topical medications at this time?

It will only be unsafe to take any kind of medication for vaginal infection during pregnancy if it was “not” recommended by your OBGYN (obstetrician-gynecologist). Once you suspect or believe you have a vaginal infection while pregnant, immediately visit your doctor so he or she could point out the real deal, as well as give you the right directions on what kinds and dosages of medications to use. He or she knows what’s best for you because he or she understands your condition, as well as your baby’s, more than anyone else.